10 Most Important Unwritten Rules of Online Dating

Latest update: Oct 06, 2020 by Todd Dates
New rules of online dating etiquette

The rules of online dating are rapidly changing. Forget everything you think you know about online dating. Today the rules are more user-friendly. However, some of them may surprise you. Read on and find out the most important rules that will help you to stand out.

10 Must-Follow Rules of Online Dating Etiquette

1. Respond within 24 hours

It is best to reply within the first several hours to maintain a positive energy and interest with your match. It is an unwritten rule that you don’t have to reply if you have no interest in a person. The surveyed women say that there is nothing more annoying than receiving a message like “???” or “Please, just tell me you're not interested in me”. In fact, sending the second message before getting an answer to your first decreases your chances to get a response by 34%.

2. Get to know each other before arranging a date

Instead of opening a conversation with asking someone out, take some time to know the person better. Ask about her hobbies and read her profile attentively so that you could enjoy a conversation during your actual date.

3. Let her know if you are not interested

If you are not interested in continuing your relationship with a lady, politely say that you would prefer to keep the communication online. Otherwise, you can say that you want to know her better before meeting in person.

4. Be honest

Whether it is about your age, appearance or job, you probably don’t want to be caught in a little white lie. It can be extremely embarrassing, especially if you hope for things to work out between two of you. Never pretend to be someone else.

5. Don’t send creepy Snapchats and naked photos

Think you are flirting like a pro? For some reason, guys think that women want to receive half dressed pictures of themselves at the gym or in a shower. The truth is that most women find it creepy. So if you don’t want to get your account blocked, stop doing it.

6. Be appropriate

Don’t say or do anything you wouldn’t do in person. It is challenging to be sincere and open up to people online. However, you should keep the conversation appropriate.

7. Don’t assume

For many people, online dating is a step out of their comfort zone. It can be a difficult thing to find out whether both sides are equally interested in the relationship.

8. Set up face-to-face meeting anywhere from three days to two weeks

If you think that the person is interested in you and you both are ready to meet, go ahead! Flirting online can be entertaining but don’t wait for too long.

9. Don’t take it to heart

Regardless of the stage of your relationship process, it can be very difficult to face rejection. Anyway, don’t take it too personally. The online dating world can be harsh, but this is just another step closer to finding the girl of your dreams.

10. Stay in contact

If you think that your first date went great, stay relevant by messaging your lady afterward to tell her that you had a fantastic time together. Forget about the two-day rule. Women don’t like waiting.

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