10 Signs that Prove You’re Secretly a Sapiosexual

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10 Signs that Prove You’re Secretly a Sapiosexual

Sapiosexual are individuals who are sexually attracted to highly intelligent people. Below are the signs that you might be a Sapiosexual.

  • Brains and deep discussion motivates you and turns you on
  • While most people love an awesome discussion, you require it every day from the person you pick. When you hear someone discussing anything you know, you find yourself attracted to them.

  • You love debating
  • On the off chance that somebody entices you into a debate, you end up attracted to them on a more profound level. You appreciate their hunger for a keen challenging discussion. In them, you find a partner who will dependably grow your brain, and you’ll love every bit of these debates.

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  • To you, physical attraction is great, but the conversation is better
  • While it is important to be physically attracted to someone, you get bored if they are just a pretty face. Conversation is important to you. If they can't discuss anything with you, you feel like you are wasting your time.

  • The more you get acquainted with someone, the more you like them
  • You are gradual when it comes to falling for someone. Unlike most people, you don’t instantly fall for someone on the first day. You notice and get to like a person with time.

    Signs You're a Sapiosexual

  • You detest casual chit chat
  • You get very uncomfortable when someone cannot hold a deep conversation with you. You‘d much rather keep quiet than talk about the weather.

  • You find idiocracy unattractive
  • You cannot stand those who need to advocate for themselves through hostility. You find it sexy when someone solves problems with poise and intellect.

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  • You are an incredible listener
  • You cherish it when individuals show you things, and this has made you hone your listening skills. You also don’t mind tuning into people who are passionate about discussing things.

  • To you, smartness is not all about books
  • While many people would surmise that being fascinated with the intelligence of others refers to their expertise of topics that are solid, that’s not the only kind of intelligence that draws you to someone. You find emotional intelligence and mindfulness unfathomably attractive.

  • Bad grammar is one of your biggest turn offs
  • You can’t stand people with poor grammar.

  • You desire to learn
  • You yearn for things that expand your mind. You will find yourself watching documentaries. Also, you associate with people whom you find smarter because you want to learn from them.

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Sapiosexuals are incredibly interesting people. They are attracted to people of intelligence, they are always ready and willing to learn, they hate hostility and brutish, they are incredible listeners, and they would much rather meet up with someone in a quiet area like a bookshop than open, loud social gathering like a bar.

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