36 Things Women in Their 20s are Looking for in Men

Latest update: Oct 06, 2020 by Rachel Dates
36 things young women look for in men

An attractive appearance, a great job, or charisma? What women in their 20s find attractive in men? And do these preferences differ from older women?

When women are in their teens, they think they can have it all: the guy with a model looks, good family, and fantastic job, who knows what to do with his life and how to make her life perfect. Obviously, they have a quick wake up call when they meet their first partner. In 20s, 30s, and 40s women have different views and desires, and we have figured out which ones.

So, what women in their 20s want?

Sense of humor

A great sense of humor can take all negative thoughts away. No wonder this is one of the most attractive features for women. For young women, fun is a top priority and according to a survey made by Zoosk, for women in their 20s fun is a top priority when they describe a guy of their dreams.

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Young women pay attention to height

Unlike their 30-year old counterparts, women in 20s mention that tall men are important.


According to the 84% of surveyed women, loyalty is in top 10 features ladies find attractive in men. It is a biological thing that goes out of control of any woman. Believe it or not, even ladies in their 20s want to find a family-oriented and loyal man. A guy who is interested in creating a family takes 7th place.


Why have women always liked actors and musicians? This is because they are not afraid of being passionate in public. Women like showing their passion and rarely can see it from men. So if a man is passionate about yachting, music, or art, this will be a considerable benefit over those who care only about themselves.

things women look for in men


It is more important to women over 35 than to those under that age. However, generosity is one of those features that is valuable regardless of age. Being generous doesn’t mean buying her expensive things. It is rather devoting your precious time to her, listen to her problems, and giving your help if needed.

Wondering what is the full list of attractive features? Check it out:

The Top 36 Words Mentioned While Describing Their Perfect Match (according to the survey conducted by Zoosk):

  • laugh
  • fun
  • funny
  • honest
  • sense of humor
  • kind
  • family
  • caring
  • make me laugh
  • ambitious
  • going
  • loyal
  • loving
  • outgoing
  • adventurous
  • respectful
  • smart
  • sweet
  • tall
  • positive
  • romantic
  • passionate
  • down to earth
  • intelligent
  • outdoors
  • spontaneous
  • gentleman
  • genuine
  • travel
  • creative
  • adventures
  • respect
  • music
  • real
  • understanding
  • animals

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