Sugar Travels: 5 Romantic Travel Destinations

Latest update: Oct 15, 2020 by Oliver Dates
5 Romantic Travel Destinations

Going on a vacation with your sugar baby? Is Paris boring? Then here are top-5 romantic places to spend sweaty nights and pleasant days – all up to your expectations, taste and financial possibilities.

1. Seville, Spain

Let’s just say: why not?

If you are the lover of architecture (just like your sugar baby is), then Seville is the best choice for both of you.

What can be better than spending a whole day wandering around the city, holding hands and eating ice cream? Well, only Spanish wine can be better than that, which, by the way, you will find in abundance in Seville.

There, you will also find dozens of hotels to spend a romantic night. But before you go for a night, you have a 1001 ways to heat up the romance. Watch a captivating flamenco dance while eating a sedate outdoor meal, accompanied by sangria and toasted churros dipped in chocolate at a local tapas bar in Barrio Santa Cruz.

Sounds good? Take your sugar babe for it!

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2. Railay Beach, Thailand

Missing the scorching sun and leisurely rest on a beach right next to the calming sea or the ocean? Feel like that you need to stay close to nature? Then the optimal destination for your sugar trip is Thailand.

Here you will find all you need – pristine beaches, modern cities and verdant jungles. Rent a hotel near Railay Beach, and you will never regret the exotic nights spent with your babe.

Railay Beach, Thailand

3. Santorini, Greece

Not planning to spend too much? Go for Santorini. With its whitewashed and blue-domed buildings, this city creates a unique romantic atmosphere for all couples.

Book a room in a cliff-side hotel and admire enchanting sunsets with your sugar babe right through your windows.

Also, you will get an opportunity here to both explore ancient ruins and idle on multicolored beaches. Overall, there are plenty of activities to do here, but remember to try out Greek cuisine, including their wine before you start out your romantic experiments.

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4. The Maldives

This is just classics for all men who are a little bit more than wealthy. If you are sure you can afford it and that your sugar babe won’t let you down, you should definitely try out the Maldives.

At daytime there you can enjoy cerulean waters and explore the nearby coral reefs. Closer to the evening, take your babe to a massaging session and some SPA-procedures. It will help you to warm your bodies up before an exhaustive night. The overwater bungalows will help you to release your imagination.

The Maldives

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5. Big Sur, California

Picturesque coastlines with redwood groves are the top-attraction here. In this area, there is a park – Julia Pfeiffer Burns Park, where you can walk holding each other hand by hand and kissing under towering trees.

For spending nights, you may stop in the closest hotel or an inn, located on cliffs, with spellbinding views on the Pacific. Sex accompanied by the waves’ crash? You should try it.

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