8 Biggest First-Date Lies Men Make

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Popular Lies At First Date

Anybody can experience nerves, anxiety or stress about the first date. No wonder, as there are so many things to take into account: what to wear, where to go, and what to say. To impress your partner at first date, everybody can tell a little white lies from time to time. Whether it is about your age, car, or intentions, remember that in the age of Facebook and Twitter, there is the slightest chance that your partner hasn’t screened your social profile yet. Whether you accept a certain level of lies or not, here are 8 lies men tell at the first date.

1. I’m looking for a long-term relationship

Most of the guys no matter how good they are, prefer to get laid at the end of the first date. Some of them may be honest with you while others will walk around. Sometimes they will give you false promises in order not to lose you, or to deceive you and get what they want.

2. I’m honestly 25

It is thought that women are more concerned with age than men, especially when they reach a certain age. However, many women claim that men prefer to lie about their age too. Yet, if the guy manages to keep his little secret both on his profile and during the date, then he is certainly lying to you about other things.

3. I have a 6-figure salary

Well, he is probably not so stupid to tell you he is an owner of a large corporation, as you can find all the information online. However, nobody can stop him from exaggerating a little bit. It is believed that women are attracted to rich men in power, so his job as a waiter may not attract as many ladies as if he tells you he’s an Art Director of this restaurant.

Popular Lies On A First Date

4. I have a large apartment in the city center

Just like women, men want to be desired. As long as they are continuing to seem the biggest Alpha males you’ve ever met, they will gloss over the reality. He can mention that he lives in a big house, and forget to say that his parents also live there. Or that he has a pool, but his house is currently under repair. Anyway, girls, you should expect some fantasy on your first date. Your task is to filter out the white lies and definite deal breakers.

5. I don’t drink much

It is normal to drink from time to time unless you consider yourself strictly ‘substance-free.' If he tells you that he doesn’t drink a lot, but you can smell several drinks he had before he left an apartment, this is a weird thing.

Lies At First Date

6. I’ve had only one serious relationship

This news has both pluses and minuses. If you prefer a modest and loyal guy to a wild animal, then you are a lucky woman. Anyway, you will never hear the real story about his previous relationships that’s why it’s better not to start this conversation at all. He will either downplay the number of his partners, or he will show that he is a fantastic lover to make you desire him.

7. I’ve never been married

Dating someone with children may seem a burden. Especially when you have a child from a previous relationship, and you are not a primary caregiver, you are more likely to skip sharing this information. Probably you will not speak about this on the first date, and this will be the best option. So, don’t ask too personal questions from the beginning.

8. I’m not dating anybody else right now

Although it sounds awful, in 2017 people can have several dates at once. This works well when all sides agree on such terms, and nobody is deceived. However, sometimes guys tend to go on a date before they end up their previous relationships, or just get bored of their wives. Anyway, consider the following signs: never available on weekends, promises to call you and asks not to call him, or asks you to meet him in particular places.

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