Open Couples are as Happy as Monogamous, According to the Recent Study

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Are monogamous couples happier than open ones?

As more and more couples are slowly opening their relationship boundaries to experiments, a recent study shows that those who don’t focus on a single partner are as content as monogamous couples.

Why open relationship is a great option

Being in open relationships can have its pros and cons. It may seem a terrible idea that causes some of us bad emotions. But for others, it can be an ideal solution to fix stale relationships.

There is no definite answer on whether or not your particular couple will be happy in an open relationship. The result will depend mostly on you, your expectations, and a partner. However, what is definitely important to realize, is what you are letting yourself in before entering such relationships.

According to a a recent study conducted by the researchers of the University of Michigan, couples engaged in open relationships are as happy as those in monogamous relationships.

What about jealousy?

monogamous couples

They surveyed 2,124 people and asked them to rate their relationships regarding the satisfaction, trust, jealousy, and passion.

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Surprisingly, but researchers found no difference between those types of participants regarding the satisfaction and passionate love. ”There were differences, however, with jealousy and trust, in which the results are opposite to society's presumptions about the benefits from monogamy.”

Another surprising finding showed that people in polygamous relationships care about each other on the same level as their counterparts. ”The study, however, showed that an individual had more satisfaction, trust, commitment and passionate love in their primary mate than in their secondary relationship.”

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Being in open relationships doesn’t mean that man and woman don’t love each other or have shallow emotion. They still value their primary relationships and regard them with more satisfaction, trust, and commitment.

In general, researchers concluded that both types of relationships have pluses and minuses, but overall, the level of happiness didn’t differ so much.

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