Dating Studio Expert: Dating a Single Mom

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How is it to Date a Single Mom?

Dating a woman with at least one child is an utterly different experience. And what you need to understand before getting into the realm of single-mom-dating is that it is a great responsibility. For you. Secondly, it is a brilliant adventure. Only if you are mature.

Here some other things that you need to know to succeed in dating a single mom.

If you aren’t ready for children, forget it

Building up a relationship with a woman is not the same as with a mom. You have to be ready to let both a lady and her child enter your life. And you will enter theirs.

However, you don’t need to become a kid’s father, but you will definitely have to make good friends with him or her.

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Imagine you’re jumping on a moving train…

How do men usually become fathers?

A couple gets married and pregnant (or vice versa), a man observes his woman carrying a child, as his expectation thrills give him life. Then a man sees his woman breastfeeding the child, two of them share sleepless nights, then school stuff and late night homework and so on.

It looks just like a couple came to a train station, bought a ticket and went for a trip together, doesn’t it?

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But dating a single mom is like a boom! You’re missing the initial stages of getting acquainted with a child and… it’s just a whole different feeling, yet amazing. You jump on a train which is already moving, but before you jump, you have to catch up with it – and that’s why dating is there.

What is like to Date a Single Mom?

Don’t behave you know what it is like to raise kids

Unless you have your own children.

Otherwise, just shut up. Never, never tell a single mom you know what it is like because you don’t! You have never cleaned the whole kitchen after kids poured sweet juice on the floor, you have never cleaned their butts after a diaper-night, you have never called the ambulance at 3 am as your child had a fever and you have never talked with your elder teenage son about physical changes in his body!

Instead of irritating the woman, ask her questions about how it feels like to be a mom, what she does to make her kids happy and how she would like YOU to help her in that.

Also, pretend as if you have never seen Disney movies. And brace for watching all of them. And watching once again.

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Remember, it’s not only about children

Yes, your woman’s kids will become a significant part of your life. But never allow the children to be the end in itself.

You are dating a woman. You shouldn’t pity her, but you should offer your help to her – give her some massage or arrange an evening date (and make sure you find a babysitter and free your woman from all the management head pain).

Spend more time together, and your life will be complete!

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