5 Dating Lessons For Single Men in 2019

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5 Dating Lessons For Single Men in 2019

You feel lonely and eager to find the woman with whom you could spend hours talking, evenings staring at each other’s eyes and nights that could make you feel like never before? You have already dated but, as you think, have failed? You feel clumsy every time you invite a girl to go out?

Perhaps, you need some dating lessons, don’t you? Here are 5 solutions for your loneliness.

Lesson #1. Change your mentality

Before you start dating a girl, it is essential to solving all your inner emotional problems so as not to burden the person who is about to enter your life with additional issues and not to treat her as a savior.

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You have to understand, why you need dating. If it’s just to have a girl for sex, well, that’s not going to work out. Women are not objects, they are human beings just as you are, and you have to treat them fairly.

If you want a girl for her to cook for you or do the house cleaning, that’s either a bad idea. Neither the woman will help you to become more successful or happy in life.

To start dating somebody, you have to be already happy on your own, to share all the positive emotions with another person. Otherwise, you will depend on a girl like on dope who will be controlling your mood. That’s not a healthy relationship.

And dating, by the way, is the period during which you get to know another person better. Therefore, you will be able to understand her better and whether you can cope with her flaws before you make commitments.

Lesson #2. Don't set your expectations high

All the frustrations occur because humans expect too much from life in general and people in particular.

If you expect your date to behave, dress up or treat you in a particular way, there’s no guarantee she will do that.

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Lesson #3. Don't try to change her

Because you expect something from the person, you will make her adjust to your anticipations. But do not do that. Firstly, you will not succeed, as it is almost impossible to change the person from the outside unless she wants to change on her own.

Secondly, it will not lead to anything. Recall Shaw’s “Pygmalion”? That’s what will happen to you and your lovebird.

Instead, what you can do is to change her mood.

dating lessons for single men

Lesson #4. Never stop being romantic

Yes, it is tiring. It may get boring, but it is never a lost cause. And there’s no need for covering the floor with thousands of rose petals and lighting candles every evening. One sparky gaze or a meaningful smile is enough to make the heartbeat of your date increase.

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Lesson #5. Don’t take dating for granted

Regard your relationship as something special. Treat your date (even if you are not sure about relationship yet) as someone who is the most valuable to you.

Do not only take but also give your lady a lot back in the emotional sense. And this investment will recoup itself.

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