10 Exciting Facts About Dating Backed by Statistics

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Top-10 facts about dating based on statistics

You may suggest that love can be so irrational, that not even every scientist would dare to explain why some people, affected by Cupid’s arrow, behave this or that way. But indeed, there are some findings, connected with dating – a stage, at which to people try to understand whether they match each other. So here are 10 facts about dating, which rely on statistics.

1. Megacities make it more desperate to find a partner.

Such considerable cities as New York, Los Angeles, and Miami are not an excellent venue for encountering potential lover. This has been proven by 2014 Facebook info collected from relationship-connected posts and status adjustments.

10 facts about dating

2. More individuals prefer to remain single.

Around 60-70 years ago, there were more married people than single by approximately 37 million. According to the recent , carried out in 2015, that mark decreased to about 12 million.

3. Technology connecting people.

21% of individuals, who use mobile phones, claimed they feel closer to their consorts/partners thanks to chatting. Meanwhile, 27% of web users said that their relationship was influenced by the use of the internet, whereas 74% admitted that the effect was positive. This was found by a 2014 PEW research study.

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4. Majority of people thinks online dating is a good idea.

The next year research by PEW showed that 59% of people, based in the US, believe that online dating is a great opportunity to encounter other individuals. Notably, ten years before that only 44% respondents claimed the same.

5. Common interests and physical intimacy – key points for a happy marriage.

2017 PEW research shows that 64% of married people rely on common interest as a core of buoyant connection. In the meantime, 61% believes that sex is the key.

6. Honesty is important.

According to dating application Zoosk findings, people use the word “honest” the most when they depict a person they would like to meet. The result is based on info from three million accounts.

7. Big age gaps are totally fine for gay couples.

Facebook data also shows that in opposite-sex couples men are usually older than women by up to 5 years. At the same time, gay couples may have greater gaps in partners’ ages overall.

8. Dating for 3 months? Smells like something serious.

Couples who manage to stay together for three months are more likely to keep it up to 4 years! That’s another finding from Facebook info.

10 Exciting Facts About Dating Backed by Statistics

9. Dating for 6 months? Think of marriage.

Zoosk’s another finding that 56% of males and 54% females are eager to consider marrying their partner after they dated for half a year.

10. Better get married if you are between 28-32 years old.

A sociologist at the University of Utah – Nick Wolfinger – discovered that people, who get married at this age, are less likely to divorce, whereas marrying somebody too early or too late can be hazardous.

Whether to apply these findings as guidelines for building up a healthy relationship – it’s up to you, but what you have to remember is that no matter what, your own heart and mind will tell you the truth.

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