How to Win a Heart of a Woman: Old-School Dating Tips

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Dating tips as old as time: ancient, but still effective

Wooing women seems to have existed throughout all human history. But time changes, hence attitudes to dating change too. Now, approaching a woman can frighten some men as it may look like a real battle: girls a freer when choosing a partner, while social media can fuel the competition. But winning in a wanna-be-dating race is not much different from conquering ladies’ hearts in the old days. Here are some old-school tips on how to attract a woman.

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Be a Gentleman

Being a gentleman means to give every person respect, not only to a woman that you are trying to woo. Also, being a gentleman means that you remember about the manners. Yes, some ladies may consider your endeavors old-fashioned or even anti-feminist, if you try to hold the open doors for them, lend them a hand in the public transport and so on.

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But nobody canceled mere courtesy and politeness. That is why you should not neglect to greet a lady properly, avoid the use of filthy language and speak calmly. Moreover, forget about belching in public and doing other disgusting things you are used to at home.

Rethink Your Wardrobe

Nowadays, for some reason, lots of men believe that taking care of appearance is women’s prerogative. Furthermore, continually wearing a pair of ripped jeans, sneakers and a T-shirt, sometimes men even consider styling their hair or wearing new neat clothes as an anti-manly thing.

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However, it is not how it worked all the time. Just look at pictures of Edwardian gentlemen, and you will notice how much of peculiar details they took care of when dressing up. Sure enough, the reason for that was not only to impress women but let’s be frank: there was more class in the wardrobe.

How can you benefit from it in the contemporary life? Well, what you can do is to diversify your garments and take good care of them. You do not have to be a metrosexual hot guy to draw ladies’ attention, but you can be neat and handsome.

Be Attentive to Her

Paying attention to a woman – is always a right thing to do. If in the old days it was something like handing the woman a flower after winning a battle with another knight, then today it can be inviting her on a date or just posting her picture on your Facebook or Instagram.

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Nevertheless, keep in mind that the attention that you pay to a woman should always be right. You cannot publicly post a picture of her, where she is posing in old leggings – an image, which only you were supposed to see.

Old-School Dating Tips

Become Serious When Dating

In the honeymoon stage of a relationship, playing games are wonderful. Sure enough, dragging some time before texting your date or calling her at the beginning can even boost the interest in both of you.

But once you get on a serious stage – become serious. You should no way make your woman feel insecure when dating her. Be open and honest – these are the qualities highly appreciated in all kind of relationships, not apart from romantic ones.

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