Online Dating Profile Tips and Examples for Women

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How to Create a Strong Profile For Dating

Registered on an online dating site and still waiting for your prince charming? Perhaps, you need to improve your profile unless you want to grow old faster than your perfect match writes to you first.

So how to create a strong online dating profile for women? Before we look at a really good example, let’s take a look at five tips.

Tip #1. Focus on details

The power of your profile lies in the text that you write. So the question is how to write this little paragraph about yourself to make a man text you. For that, you need to be specific: avoid general descriptions like “I’m communicative, happy, beautiful and fun-loving,” instead you should give the reader (your potential online date) unique details about YOU. This will make your profile alive.

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Tip #2. Give him a hook

Men won’t write to you on an online dating site unless there is a hook, a starter for them. Your profile needs to contain eat. You have to provide men with information that they could use to ask you more questions. For example, if you are into belly dancing, mention that you can’t live without it and would like to dance every day for your husband. Believe us, you won’t be able to fight off such incoming messages as: “WOW, you can really do belly dancing? Where have you learned?”

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Tip #3. Make lists

If you know you aren’t good at writing and presenting yourself, lists will save you. Counting down your best and worst sides is a good strategy to draw users’ attention. Firstly, lists themselves are very catchy for human’s eye, and secondly, they can help you classify all the necessary information.

Create a Profile For Online Dating

Tip #4. Don’t be afraid of being weird

Another tip to make your profile lively is to say something strange or unusual about yourself. It is obvious that women on online dating sites aren’t flawless goddesses, so it’s important not to make your profile look artificial or mechanic. Unique things attract men.

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Tip #5. Always say WHY

Don’t just list things that you like – explain why you do. Your attitude towards various activities, hobbies, work and so on can tell a lot about your personality. So the man who indeed suits you will see what he needs from the first glance at your profile. Just let him see your traits through your text.

Example of a Strong Online Dating Profile

"You should probably know that I somehow spill tea over myself every time I have it, which is frequent. If you manage to stand this little weirdness of mine, perhaps, you are the person who I should spend my life with. Now, seriously, I’m a receptionist at a real-estate company, and I love my job. I adore serving people, solving their problems and arranging schedules as it makes me feel helpful. Currently, I’m learning French and dreaming of traveling to Provence, so maybe it’s you who may become my companion…"

– Liza M., 26.

Got the idea? Try to write something like that or even better!

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