New Research Shows How to Get More Matches While Dating Online

Latest update: Oct 13, 2020 by Oliver Dates
Multiply your matches with these simple words

Feel lonely on Valentine's Day? It’s early to give up. Zoosk found a solution to increase your chances to find someone special. According to the recent survey including certain romantic words in your dating profile can literally multiply your matches.

Although we are living in a cynical world, in some spheres of our lives romance is still alive.

In the era of Tinder and one-night stands, there are still a lot of people who want to be romantic. The survey showed that including the word ‘romantic’ can increase the number of your potential partners by 24% above the average match count.

Feel lonely on Valentine's Day?

Moreover, if you are really a wild-eyed optimist and saying that you are a 'hopeless romantic', your chances will increase to 38%. Other effective words include 'flowers' (52% above the average) and 'old-fashioned' (16%).

As stated in the research, out of 750,000 profiles and 200,000 messages, 82% of Zoosk users say they prefer 'old-fashioned romance' over 'modern romance .'

The next step

If you have already found your perfect match, the survey says that the most popular phrase for being romantic together is 'snuggling in front of the fireplace', followed by 'candlelight dinners' (58%) and a 'picnic in the park' (45%).

Feel lonely on Valentine's Day?

The majority thinks that is extremely romantic ‘to hold the door open’ during the date, while 93% say that demonstrate your feelings publicly increases attraction and 82% think that ‘buying a drink’ is hot. See, old-fashioned style really works.

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