Top 5 New Romantic Movies to Watch with Your Date

Latest update: Oct 13, 2020 by Suzanne Dates
5 Romantic Films To Watch In 2019 With Your Date

What can be better than watching a romantic romcom at a late night sitting in the arms of your date and chewing popcorn? Correct, there’s nothing better.

And if you are bored with all those honey-lovely films from the past, here are some fresh suggestions for you, released in 2018.

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1. Midnight Sun

Based on the self-titled Japanese film, this movie covers the romantic relationship between Katie and her long-time crash Charlie (acted by Patrick Schwarzenegger – yes-yes, that same Schwarzenegger, the son of the “Terminator”).

Katie has a rare condition called ‘xeroderma pigmentosum,’ meaning she can never pop up in the sun. Otherwise, she suffers terribly. The girl has to stay at home all the time, sticking to the nightlife. Charlie, who is not aware of it, takes her on a date and they spend the entire night together.

But before the dawn, the guy suggests they watch the sun rising. Kate tries to get home but catches some sun rays and ends up in the hospital. Will she survive? If yes, will Charlie stay with her?

2. Fifty Shades Freed

The Fifty Shades saga continues. And yeah, it’s rather erotic than romantic, but each of you might find his/her own thing in it.

And sorry, haters! This part tells about Christian and Ana as newlyweds and their relationship getting hooter given Ana’s rivals appearing on her way. Throughout the entire film, she has to fight back women attracted by her husband, whereas two of them go through troubles due to their stolen info from the computer.

But things stir up even more when Ana learns she is pregnant…

3. Every Day

All those, who love sweet teenage films, surrounded by fantasy, are welcome to watch this one.

There is a spirit in the film called “A,” which spends only one day in a body of a random teenager. One time, it enters the body of Justin, a careless boyfriend of Rhiannon. The spirit falls in love with this girl, while she feels like her love for Justin renewed. However, the next day, as “A” leaves Justin’s body, everything sets back in its place.

But the enamored “A” tries to approach Rhiannon through other bodies. Every day.

4. Adrift

This piece is based on a real story of two sailors – Tami and Richard – who go on a trip across the ocean at the end of XX century. After they get in a storm, Tami finds Richard heavily injured and tries to save both of them.

Despite all the troubles, this film is a good romance story to watch on a free evening.

5. Love, Simon

This is a romantic comedy-drama telling about Simon Spier – a closeted gay high school student who is exposed by his best friends to a pen-friend under the nickname “Blue,” who’s also a gay.

Two of the guys start emailing each other when Simon’s co-student Martin learns about the online correspondence. He threatens Simon to unveil his gay-emailing unless Simon helps him hit on a newcomer – a girl called Abby.

Being blackmailed, Simon finds out who the real “Blue” is. But this is just the beginning…

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