Does A Cougar Want You? 5 Things That Give Her Away

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Does A Cougar Want You? 5 Things That Give Her Away

Older women do not flirt like young beauties. Cougars are much more dangerous – you can easily get trapped by them as older ladies are hungrier, more experienced and versatile. They will seduce you and wrap around you.

If you want to date a cougar, here are 5 signs that for sure will help you detect her interest in you as a boyfriend.

1. She looks into your eyes and smiles

When it comes to dating, a cougar will not wait for you to make the first step. Why would she waste her precious time? If an older woman sees her target, she doesn’t see any obstacles on the way to it.

If a cougar wants you, she will be staring at you with no shame, she will be smiling at you that you will be getting butterflies in your stomach. Better be careful with older women as their passion can burn you down to ashes.

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2. She keeps talking to you on a cougar dating site

If you have met a cougar on a dating site, the easiest way to find out if she wants you is just by checking how much she texts you, likes your photos and visits your profile. She does a lot? Then yes, she WANTS you!

Just think: why would a woman with so much experience waste her time by talking to some guys online? If a cougar is talking to you, she’s not wasting her time but investing into your young relationship – she knows you will fall for her, that’s it.

3. She looks for an opportunity to be around you

A cougar will make sure you see her. You will be bumping into each other at work or maybe at your favourite restaurant. Once again, she wants to make sure you see her around and think about her.

Now, remember she gives those looks and smiles? Yes, that’s what she will use to make you not only think but long for her. She wants you for sure, but she also tries to make you want her insanely!

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4. She flirts with nobody but you

How to be sure a cougar wants you in different ways? Just sit down, relax and observe. Are you the only guy she’s flirting with? Yes, she wants you. Does she give you expensive gifts? Boy, it’s a jackpot!

Does she flirt with you and some other guys? Well, that probably means she’s ready for an open-relationship with anyone, so don’t have many hopes. The best you can achieve in this situation is to be only ONE of THEM.

5. She tells you so

If a cougar wants you, she.. will tell you so. An older woman isn’t a little girl. She won’t play hot & cold games, she won’t try to give you hints that she’s interested in you and so on.

She will invite you to a restaurant with dim light, get closer to you and whisper this into your ear with a deep matured voice after a glass of good red wine and a cigarette. Have you turned on already? That’s what she wanted to achieve.

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