Three Signs Your Date Is Really Into You

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How to See Whether Your Date Likes You: Reading Body Language

Online dating is at the peak of its popularity nowadays. It seems to be so simple: all you have to do is to interact with the person you like online via email or online chats. But one day you will have to see the person in real life, in case you see things are hitting up.

The considerable difference between texting on an online dating site and talking on a date is that both you and your chosen person can learn a lot about each other not only from the words but also from the body language.

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Well, if written language is more understandable, then how to get whether your date likes you when you go out for the first time? Here are three signs that the person you invited to a restaurant, cinema or for a walk is indeed into you.

1. Your date shows special interest signs

Carefully pay attention to the person you ended up being on a date with: does he or her dedicate to you 100% of their eye contact? Yes? That’s it! You date likes you. However, it should not be just a steadfast gaze but an eye contact which from time to time glow with sexuality and signals about flirting.

Moreover, if the person likes you, he or she will look at you from the eyes down to your mouth repeatedly. Perhaps, at that moment your date might consider kissing you.

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How to See Whether Your Date Likes You

Among other increasing signals of interest is a head tilt as well as random raise of eyebrows. A woman will expose her neck to you and touch her hair, whereas a man will try to look manly by keeping his shoulders back.

2. Your date tries to suppress smiling

If the person likes you, he or she will start having this kind of romantic facial expression. That comprises a soft eye expression, a mixture of openness and shyness, and a wide smile, for sure.

But the thing is that your date might not want to look stupid, uncool or show at this very stage that he or she is falling in love with you. Therefore, the person will try to suppress the smile, trying to look more serious and less fanciful.

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3. Your date repels your body language

When you spend some minutes talking, and you will perceive the engagement in the air, it might be coming from the body language of your date. In particular, this person will try to mirror or unconsciously copy your facial expression, gestures, intonations, and so on.

Let’s take a handful of examples. Your date is really into you if he or she:

  • breathes in the way you do
  • gets your vocal tones synchronized
  • rests his/her head on the hand right after you

As you can see, there are lots of signs that can help you to clarify whether you made another person interested in you or not.

But also keep in mind that you should never rely only on one sign, as you might read it wrongfully. Instead, focus on combinations of such manifestations.

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