4 Things Cougars Want Cubs to Know

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4 Things Cougars Want Cubs to Know

Dating older women for lots of young men is an exotic experience – it is believed that senior lovers – cougars – are less capricious, they know what they want, and they are more consistent in their actions as well as autonomous in daily life.

However, immature cubs commit mistakes when wooing older women – and that is fine as they are human beings. Nevertheless, sometimes these mistakes may lead to unwanted consequences, leaving young men without the experienced partners that they encountered.

So here are # things that sugar mamas would like their younger boos to know.

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#1. Never treat your cougar as an idol

Yes, lots of women say that they would like to be treated like goddesses or queens – it has a point, they want to feel special. But here’s the different thing.

It is common in the society to recognize the cougar-cub relationship as a fetish. So if you catch the wave of the society and start treating your MILF as an idol – showing her that her age and her experience are the only things that attract you in her – your relationship will not survive for long.

Any woman, even the one who dates a guy younger than her by a couple of years, wants to feel that she is loved for being herself, but not for being more beautiful, intelligent or older (as in the case with cougars) than her implied rivals.

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What young men that date older women need to know

#2. She doesn’t need another baby

Never even give a hint to your senior lady that she is somewhat like a mother to you. She is not. She is your paramour, and she wants to be treated respectively.

Therefore, you need to understand that she has chosen you not for being younger (greener, more immature or infantile) but because she saw a spark in your eyes. The same spark she could have seen in the eyes of her peer.

So stop relying on her in everything. The fact that she is independent does not mean that you ought to become dependent on her. She doesn’t need a baby.

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#3. Cougar can be insecure

Even though she might look like an iron lady in your eyes, there is no guarantee that she was born like that. We are all humans, and your cougar is not an exception. Whenever happens in her life, she will make sure to solve it on her own.

But to not take it for granted and don’t underestimate her. She can still be vulnerable and have her insecurities. Thus, be supportive when she needs it, and be ready to provide her with your strong shoulder.

#4. Cougars hope to see your maturity

It is OK for older ladies to know more about life, business, relationships and sex more than their younger partners. And they also do not expect them to know all that given their age.

But cougars expect their cubs to be eager to learn new things. They hope they will show their emotional maturity. That is because older women cannot withstand whining and nagging. If you are dating a senior woman, be ready to take the bull by the horns.

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