Three Dating Lessons For Women

Latest update: Oct 06, 2020 by Rachel Dates
Three Dating Lessons For Women

How often do you catch yourself thinking: “Oh, no… Won’t it work out…”? Do you know why this is happening?

Well, we have an answer for you. That’s because you have your own bias and prejudices, ought-to-fail-expectations over a relationship that do not let you enjoy yourself when looking for a partner.

Therefore, here are three lessons for you that will help you to clear your mind and start looking for the love of your life more effectively.

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Lesson #1. The myth about what men really want debunked

Since your childhood, somebody might have been telling you that the only thing men will be looking in you is beauty and ability to cook. Or after reading all these female magazines you have got the idea that the only things that men want are sex and food, haven’t you?

Here’s the thing: yes, they do want to get intimate pleasure and fill their stomachs with delicious courses. But! They never look only at woman’s ability to cook or her experience in sexual life.

A mature man, who is ready to build up a serious relationship, looks for a woman who could become his lifetime partner – with whom he can spend fun time and discuss his problems, who he can trust.

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So when you start dating, do not focus his attention on your cooking and sexual skills – that’s fine, but you should offer him more than that. Anybody may learn Kamasutra positions or exotic recipes, but it is rare to find a genuine soulmate.

Lesson #2. Take men off the pedestal

Lots of women who decide it’s time for them to get married or at least to find a boyfriend make a common mistake – they put men on pedestals. As though they are gods from parallel worlds, indeed. As though their lives without those Apollos, Marses, and Zeuses would be incomplete!

Ladies! Understand it once and for all: finding a man should not be an end in itself. Your life goes own while you are trying to lure every male around you!

Get matured, understand what you-profound-self aims at, solve all the problems that worry your soul, ultimately, climb a career ladder! Once you know that it’s not an option to chase men as fans do to their rock stars, everything will happen on its own (sure, you’ll need to apply some efforts but don’t treat men like they’re your saviors).

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Lesson #3. High-quality men date high-quality women

To get what you have never possessed, you will need to do what you have never done before. Men are not gods, but if your goal is to date a tall, muscular fellow, whose hobby is an investment and car races…don’t you think you need to match?

When setting high expectations of your partner, you need to get the abundance mentality. Think, maybe it’s time for you to quit smoking, eating carbs and starting to work out? Or maybe you should read more business literature and science fiction books and watch documentaries so that it would be interesting for your dream-man to talk with you?

That’s it. Now, try to project these lessons onto your real life and change it!

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