What Every Senior Should Know Before Going On A First Date

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Dating Rules For Senior Singles

First date is a challenge to young people, who become all trembling, but it is a much more intimidation when you are senior, going out for the first time in years.

It’s often useless to say “Don’t be nervous”, but, really, don’t be. The first date is an exciting event where you get to meet a new person, talk and have fun. You don’t have any obligations yet. Let’s say it’s kind of a test-drive.

First date helps you to form a real impression of your date, understand, whether you are ready for going out with someone at all and precisely with the particular person.

There are some rules to consider on the first date and a piece of advice of what to definitely avoid doing.

Don’t share all your life at once

Understandably, you have a huge experience and a whole life to talk about but leave most of the details for your further meetings. Concentrate on the vital things that define you. Leave the stories about your ex or departed to some other time. Don’t share your medical diagnoses as well, please.

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Choose a public place

As you don’t know the person much, it’s best for both of you to meet in a public venue like a cafe or restaurant. Pick up a place where you can talk in a quiet setting and drink a coffee.

Don’t judge at a glance

With age people get various habits, which may seem weird at first. Don’t judge a person on the first date. Be open and try to understand the other person first.

On the other hand, use common sense as well. If something makes you feel uncomfortable or you notice the red-flags, care about your interests first. After all, you’ve met hundreds of people in your life, so you know when something doesn’t suit you.

Dating Rules For Single Seniors

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Look good

Always dress for success, a saying goes. Sure, you don’t judge the book by its cover, but your look says a lot about your personality and character.

Your appearance depends on the place where you are meeting. If it’s a cafe, then choose something casual to wear, but be neat. If you are meeting in a restaurant, then a more formal clothing would go.

Watch your manners as well. For a man, it would be a plus if he behaved as a gentleman and would open the door before the woman, be attentive. A woman should appreciate the good manners and be elegant.

The core point of all of these rules is, to be honest, open and polite. Bring the sense of humor with you and a tense situation will disappear in a second.

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