Dating Expert: Why Divorce is Not the End of the World

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Three Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Give Up on Yourself After a Divorce

You have promised yourself always to love your former partner, just like Whitney asked you. Now you are reminiscing the bittersweet moments, asking your partner (and, perhaps, yourself too) not to cry, finalizing that you aren’t what he/she needs (or that it’s your spouse who YOU don’t need).

Anyway, whatever your trouble is, divorce is not the sweetest thing on earth, you know it as you have first-hand knowledge.

However, divorce should not turn your life into a whole drama, and here’s why.

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You Divorce Because You Deserve A Better Life

Don’t you?

No, actually, why do people divorce? There are a million reasons – from misunderstandings and boredom to abuses in the marriage – but one thing is clear for sure: people divorce because they aren’t cut out for each other, they realize they don’t fit each other.

And even though it is one of the most painful experiences for humans, it helps us to see our own mistakes and get a better life! By changing ourselves and finding new lovers, simple as ABCD!

You’ve got such an opportunity, don’t miss it!

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Being Alone Is Not A Problem At All

For lots of people, divorce means to be single (read: alone) again. And that freaks them out. But is it indeed a big deal?

Let me tell you a few things. First of all, if you are afraid of being alone while struggling in your marriage, there is a 99% possibility you are managing an unhealthy relationship. It means, you are not with an equal self-sufficient partner, but either with a dominative or a dependent one and two of you use each other for selfish needs.

Secondly, you don't have to be with somebody to be happy and feel complete. So when you divorce, take some time to think about who you really are instead of jumping into a new relationship. You shouldn’t be scared of loneliness. You are not lonely if you know what you need. (Finally, think about all the freedom that you’ve got!)

Why Divorce is Not the End of the World

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You Still Have A Long Way To Go

Divorce is not the end of the world, so don’t give up on yourself and on your happiness. Do you know how many opportunities are ahead? It is your time to use them.

Sure, nobody asks you to get swept away in a new passion. On the contrary, give yourself a break and learn how to be more passionate and caring by observing other people (you don’t necessarily have to focus on romantic relationships, though).

When you feel you are ready to get out from the underneath a stone, prepare for a hunt. And here are two ways: try the old-school flirting with people at your workplace, family parties, friends’ getting together, etc., or give a shot to the online dating.

Or you may even try out both at a time – you may never know where and when your actual love will be waiting for you, so why should you miss a chance?

Keep that head up, alright?

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