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close Our rating is based on our personal opinion and evaluations.
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Chatiw Review

Sometimes, to find a perfect person to spend the rest of your lives together, one needs a simple solution. It is possible to agree that the modern world of online dating is quite diverse and technologized. You can find plenty of websites with unique and advanced communication tools. Chatiw is different from these sites because it is a chat-based platform with free communication. Here, you can chat with thousands of people from different countries without paying a cent.

As one may understand based on the website’s name, the very essence of Chatiw.com is chat services. There are absolutely no restrictions on how and with whom you want to communicate – it can be anyone from any country. Communication on Chatiw does not force you to do anything – you can choose a casual form of communication if you are looking for a friend or something less serious. Or you can seek a partner and soulmate, which is why your communication approach could be slightly different. The most important thing about Chatiw.com dating website is the fact that it offers you great freedom to do whatever you want.

How does Chatiw work?

Chatiw dating

As it has been mentioned in the Chatiw.com review, the main activity on this website is chatting. It is essential to clarify that it is the main and only activity here. Since everything revolves around chatting, this feature is modified to the maximum. You can check your chat history, send links, photos, and other information. However, it is paramount to note that some features on this website are fee-based, but they will be discussed later in the Chatiw.com review.

In general, one can agree that everything about Chatiw is excellent. The only thing that can be considered as a negative factor is the fact that there are many fraudulent and inappropriate profiles. A lot of people would send you nude photos and links to sides with viruses. Although one can easily ignore and block such users, it does not mean that you will not receive those messages. Furthermore, Chatiw does not support attaching photos to your profile, which is why you may not know how a person you talk to looks like.

Simplicity of Use

Chatiw dating site

One of the things that definitely make Chatiw a unique online dating website is its registration. Basically, there is no registration for free users. On the main page of the website, you will see several fields that need to be filled. You can define your username, age, gender, and location. And that is all that you need to provide to start using this chat-based dating website. It is also possible to use GPS that will locate where you are from.

Although some people may consider such feature very useful, it is significant to state that there are some drawbacks from lack of proper registration. Just imagine that you will need to enter your username and all information every single time you want to chat on Chatiw.com dating site. Nevertheless, worry not, as there is a proper registration for premium members. After the profile is created, you can purchase VIP status that allows you to have a proper registration process.

So, with the help of these Chatiw.com reviews, one can understand that it is quite simple and straightforward to use Chatiw. While the very idea of not having profiles may pose some dangers, it allows people to jump right into communication and not spend precious time on creating a profile and filling it up!

Chatiw Reviews and Feedbacks


I have been using Chatiw.com for almost a year now. This is a one-of-a-kind dating platform with simple and interesting features. I enjoy chatting above other communication, which is why Chatiw is perfect for me. Here, everything is straightforward and intuitive. You can communicate with anyone based on their location and age – information which is paramount for online dating. The chat system is also very simple yet powerful. I have met plenty of interesting and fascinating people on Chatiw. Furthermore, it is possible to claim that Chatiw.com site is great for finding love and happiness. Just last month, I was lucky to engage in conversation with Lucy, a young woman from a neighboring city. We found plenty of common topics to discuss. With the help of Chatiw, I found a person who truly understands me. Next week, we will have our third date. Without Chatiw.com site, I would never have met Lucy.


Well, Chatiw was not my first online dating website, I would not lie about that. However, it has become my online dating platform ever since I realized how good and effective it is. First of all, here, you can find thousands of great people from all over the world. You can see all the members who are currently online, which is very handy. My friend recommended this website, telling me that it is simple, but it does what it should. At first, I was quite skeptical, because the only thing that you can do here is to chat with other people. But my attitude toward Chatiw.com changed quickly. I have made so many new friends here – both from the United States and other countries. Chatiw site is perfect because it can serve various purposes. For example, it is wonderful for finding new friends, partners, and even soulmates. However, it is also fantastic just to chat with some strangers. Chatiw.com is a great source of entertainment, for sure.


At first, I decided to use Chatiw to find some new friends. After moving to a different town, I started losing touch with my friends, which is why I thought it would be great to meet new people online. I have been using Chatiw.com site for more than a year now. And it really works! I managed to find many interesting and compatible people with whom I communicate to this day. However, the best thing about Chatiw is the fact that it helped me find my soulmate. My boyfriend, Patrick, is a very funny and smart man who allured me with his sense of humor and knowledge. Chatiw is a perfect platform for conversations like we had. Without this website, I would never have met Patrick, I am sure about that.

Key Features

As you may already understand, there are not so many things available on Chatiw.com dating site. Apart from chatting with other members, you can enjoy the following things:

  • Writing and reading blog entries where you can share experience on dating, relationship, and online communication
  • Check out detailed and thorough guides on online communication that would prevent you from getting scammed
  • Enjoy full chat history of every single interlocutor you had
  • Send links to other members. Fee-based feature
  • Use mobile app and enjoy all features available on the web-version


Although there is no statistical data on how many people are using Chatiw.com dating site, it is possible to state that you will find hundreds of thousands of people from different countries online on a daily basis. The majority of members are from the United States. However, if you are not from the U.S., you will see that the system will find all members who are currently active from your country and will place them near you in the chat list. So, you will be able to see all active users from your country without the need to browse through all online profiles.

Quality of Profiles

Chatiw reviews

As it has been mentioned in the Chatiw.com review, profiles here are quite different compared to other online dating platforms. First of all, the biggest drawback of such a system is the fact that there is no profile picture. There is not enough information in the profile – you can only indicate your name, age, location, and gender. Therefore, you will not be able to learn a lot about a person by browsing their profile.

Safety Policy

Safety on Chatiw.com website is a very complex concept. First of all, it has been stated in the Chatiw.com reviews that all free members will need to enter information every single time after a certain period of inactivity. On the one hand, it is not very convenient. However, on the other hand, it allows you to be safe and sound about your profile as basically there is no profile. No one will steal your profile if you do not have one.

Still, it is essential to mention that the fact that there is no verification process, no email confirmation, and no way for free members to create a profile, creates numerous problems and challenges. The only security measure that has been noted is bot-captcha when you send a message. If you are a premium member then you receive better protection of personal data, some sort of registration, you will not need to re-enter your data over and over, and the website will consider you as a valid and trustworthy customer.

Chatiw Pricing

Chatiw site

Basically, Chatiw.com site is free for all users. The main feature here – chatting – does not require paying. However, there is also an option to become a premium member that grants you some exclusive and unique features. First of all, all premium members can have proper registration. Moreover, you will not need to enter captchas every single time you want to send a message. Lastly, you will have a very highlighted and visible profile icon, so all other members would see that you are a premium user. Below, you can check out prices for premium subscription:

  • 1 month - $4.95
  • 6 months - $25.95
  • 12 months - $49.95
  • Lifetime subscription - $99.95


Chatiw.com is not a usual dating platform. It can’t boast of big variety of functions, yet it has a perfect communication tools that allows to make friends and find dates easily. The site is unique in its way, and it gives perfect results. You can try it for sure as there is no registration required, and the pricing is rather fair.


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