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close Our rating is based on our personal opinion and evaluations.
Christian Mingle
close Our rating is based on our personal opinion and evaluations.
Over 4,000

Christian Mingle

Over 4,000 Online
Latest update: May 16, 2023
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Christian Mingle - Editor's Review

If you are a Christian and want to meet other Christians to create a family or close relationship, then the Christianmingle.com site is a must-have. This online dating service has been successfully operating bringing together people from different countries since 2001.

According to statistics, more than 29% of married couples who were formed due to dating sites, were active members Christianmingle.com. The web site will allow everyone, with the help of accessible and simple tools, to find the person who is right for them. In 2014, the ChristianMingle app was launched.

ChristianMingle Overview

Christian Mingle dating site

The undoubted advantage of Christian Mingle is the experience in the field of online dating. 18 years is a solid time, which confirms the professionalism and popularity of Christian mingle. About 16 million users have used this site during its existence.

About 40,000 active users are logged on the site weekly. According to the Christianmingle.com reviews, statistics are really impressive - about 1 million active views per month worldwide. Over the past month, approximately 157,000 US residents have visited the site.

Christianmingle.com has its own distinctive feature - it is an online dating service for believers. This means that God takes care of his floc and sanctifies the creation of families based on Christian values. Therefore, it is here that you can find a person who shares your faith and your relationship with God.

Simplicity of Use

Christian Mingle reviews

Using the Christian Mingle is no different from the use of similar Internet resources. Here, you can find simple and clear registration. Christianmingle.com offers two ways: using a Facebook account or registering via e-mail. The registration process takes no more than 5 minutes. The user can upload up to 7 photos, they will also have to fill up a form with personal data.

Among the inconveniences, it is necessary to note the need to confirm the email after registration. But this is due to the user security measures. In one of the sections of the form, you will be asked to indicate which Christian denomination you belong to and will offer a rather impressive list of options.

Based on Christianmingle.com review, the process of registration and use of the Christianmingle.com site is focused on people aged 30-40 years old and fully corresponds to the preferences and needs of its target audience. The questionnaire focuses on simple answers to questions about preferences, religious beliefs, and family. Well, it goes without saying, registration on the Christian Mingle dating site is free.

Christianmingle.com Reviews and Feedbacks

ChristianMingle really works effectively and connects lonely people seeking love. In confirmation of this, we will give some feedback from users who have found their happiness through this online dating service.


I registered on the Christian Mingle site in November 2018, thanks to the recommendation of a friend of the parishioner of our church. And two weeks later I met Molly. We corresponded for about 4 months, and every day, I was convinced that I had found someone close in spirit to me. Molly lives in a nearby state, so basically we communicated via chat. Finally, in August of this year, I decided to make a proposal to Molly. I prayed to God that she would agree to marry me, and the Lord heard my prayers.


I am very poorly versed in modern digital technologies and could not even imagine that I could get acquainted with a person who lives hundreds of miles from me. I live in a small town in the Middle West, and we almost don’t have unmarried men. Therefore, when my niece invited me to use the online dating service, I reacted with disbelief. After all, the choice of a husband is a very important matter, and you need to know the person with whom you are going to spend your whole life. But the niece convinced me to use this chance. She helped me with the registration and showed me how to use the Christian Mingle. To my surprise, after a few days, I was confidently looking for potential candidates for husbands. I acted as Matthew said: “Make a request, and it will be answered; what you are searching for you will get; give the sign, and the door will be open to you”. My efforts were crowned with success: three months, later I met an amazing man who became my husband. I am grateful to God and the people who made our happiness possible.


I confess, until recently, I was skeptical about the possibility of finding a husband with the help of online dating services. I thought that meeting a person to create a family is a very personal process. Therefore, the idea of ​​using social networks seemed to me not too good. Once I went to visit a friend. And as usual, we sat down to chat and drink tea. Nearby was a laptop with an open page of the site of Christianmingle.com I jokingly asked my girlfriend that things were really so bad that she was looking for a chosen one on the Internet. But she showed me the profiles of men who are looking for serious relationships with single women, and I was quite surprised. And I was very surprised. I was surprised by a huge number of smart and decent men who could not find a loved one in everyday life. On the same day, I registered on the ChristianMingle, posted my most successful photos in my profile, and spent the evening watching the data of Christian Mingle users. To be honest, I didn’t really hope for success, especially when I looked at other women’s profiles. But fate gave me a gift, after a week of tense waiting, a man from a neighboring town wrote a message to me. Thus began our amazing and romantic story, which turned into true love. It is already a year since we got married and are planning to have a baby. I am grateful to the people who created this Christian mingle and give millions of people the opportunity to find their happiness.

Key Features

Based on the of Christianmingle.com review you can confidently assert that this online dating service provides excellent opportunities in finding your love.

  • About 16 million users worldwide, of which 14 million users come from the United States.
  • Quick and free registration of new members.
  • Simple and informative user profiles.
  • Convenient and free mobile application.
  • Easy site navigation.
  • Convenient search for necessary information.
  • Corresponds to the subject and purpose of ChristianMingle, as well as the characteristics of the target audience.
  • Balance between free and paid options.
  • Very democratic prices for a premium account.


Christian Mingle website

Based on the data of Christianmingle.com, the main amount of users is aged 30-40 years. This is exactly the age at which people begin to think about creating a family, and developing serious relationships.

The gender proportion looks like 50/50, which is a sign of balance, and correct understanding of the features of the site’s target audience. As mentioned above, the Christian Mingle has a stable dynamics of visits and positive growth of new participants. It is very important to note that Christian Mingle’s users are believers who are guided by Christian moral principles. Therefore, the site always has a friendly atmosphere, users treat each other with respect.

Quality of Profiles

One should also talk about the quality and structure of user profiles of the site. At first glance, they are rather laconic. One can even say that they have a certain austerity. But if we take into consideration the age of the target audience of the resource, then this approach is fully justified. The profiles of community members are not overloaded with background information, they are extremely informative and convenient for working with filters. This approach to the structure of profiles is due to the fact that it does not complicate the process of creating an account for new members.

Safety Policy

The security of personal data is one of the most urgent tasks facing resources working in social networks. It should be noted that the Christianmingle website defines this task as a priority. Even at the registration stage, the site allows users to hide their participation in other social networks by registering via email.

During the registration of new members, the site uses a profile testing algorithm, which carefully checks user data. In addition, a special team works on Christian Mingle, which is engaged in detecting and blocking fake profiles. This allows the resource to block fake accounts in several minutes after they are created.


Christian Mingle site

The basic set of features for a free account provides users with all the necessary tools to successfully find a partner. This list includes the following features:

  • Profile Creation
  • Match Search
  • Send smiles to other users to gain their attention
  • Like other user profiles
  • See who liked your profile
  • See who visited your profile

It is worth noting that a free account will not allow you to send, and receive messages from other free users. You can receive messages only from the owner of a premium account. The range of services for a paid account is much more functional and allows the user to use the following options:

  • communicate with other paid members;
  • send messages to both paid and free users;
  • use incognito mode;
  • receive notifications when your messages are seen by the recipient;
  • hide your online status;
  • browse other profiles anonymously.

Paid services, in turn, are divided into two tariff plans: Standard and Premium. Below are the prices for these tariff plans.

Standard features

  • 1 Month $29.99 per month
  • 3 Months $19.99 per month
  • 6 Months $14.99 per month

Premium membership options

  • 1 Month $49.99 per month
  • 3 Months $34.99 per month
  • 6 Months $24.99 per month


What conclusion can be drawn from the of Christianmingle.com review? Definitely, this site deserves attention because of its customer focus and profile quality. Perhaps the Christianmingle.com site seems too simple, but it was created not for entertainment, but for one important task: to help Christian men and women in their search for potential life partners. And obviously, the site copes with this task successfully.


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