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close Our rating is based on our personal opinion and evaluations.
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Collar Space Review

Collarspace.com is a website that specializes in helping people find true relationships. It is a safe place for individuals who are looking for spicy and unconventional relationships. If you are into BDSM stuff, you will find Collarspace dating site incredibly helpful and effective. With the help of this Collarspace.com review, you will understand that among many websites that offer BDSM dating services, Collar Space is considered a true pioneer and leader.

Here, you will find simple communication tools that will help you find the perfect partner for you, as well as other features that have been designed specifically to assist you in finding your true soulmate. In general, it is possible to claim that Collarspace.com site has everything aimed to increase your chances to find and date a perfect person for you. Your preferences and needs will be considered, so you can be sure that you will be in charge of everything!

How Does Collarspace Work

Collarspace website

What makes Collarspace.com dating site so popular and efficient? Why do so many people want to become the members on this website? Well, first of all, it is paramount to mention that here, on Collarspace.com website, you can enjoy a diversity of communication with thousands of people from all over the world. You are offered wonderful opportunities to select your right person through advanced search tools, communication through chats and direct messaging, and even be informed about BDSM events that can occur near your location.

Everything about this site indicates that it is a high-quality and professional dating platform designed to unite people who are into BDSM. The community that you will find here is friendly and supportive - regardless of the fact that BDSM is a quite rough entertainment, you can be sure that you will find hundreds and thousands of people who would be happy to help you.

Simplicity of Use

The beginning of any journey in the world of online dating is connected with registration. The process of registration here on Collar Space is quite simple and common to many other online dating websites. First of all, you need to enter your credentials - name, username, age, gender, preferences, and location. However, after that, the situation changes. Every single account has to be verified. Although it is highly useful in term of security and safety, usually, an account gets verified from 24 to 48 hours. So, you are not allowed to use your account within the first day or two.

Nevertheless, after verification, you can be sure that your profile is legit. Moreover, the very idea that all profiles have to be approved manually allows one to state that there are minimal chances of finding a fraudulent account on this website.

Collarspace Reviews and Feedbacks

One can agree that a detailed description of an online dating platform can not always be enough. So, we have decided to help you realize all the potential and benefits of Collarspace.com dating site through reviews and feedback of its active members. Take a look at a few words that users of this site can tell you:


I have tried many different online dating websites, and all of them are so bad. Many of them do not have a proper BDSM community - how am I supposed to look for a sweet and humble guy? And those sites that consider themselves BDSM-oriented quite frankly just do it to allure more members. But not Collarspace.com site. Here, you can find anyone you want - all because of the unique and helpful filtering and matchmaking system. This is incredibly helpful because I am a lady who has different needs depending on my mood. One day, I may want to find a submissive man who will obey my will. Some other day, I may want to be meet someone just like me. And Collarspace.com dating site gives me those opportunities. It is a brilliant website, hands down!


I enjoy online BDSM communication - it has something unique and arousing in it. It is different from the actual BDSM date, which I also highly enjoy. Here, on Collarspace.com website, I can find both of these things. Communication on this website is exceptional - you can chat with dozens of wonderful men and women from different countries. A slick and cool searching tools can help anyone narrow down the search and look for exactly what a person wants. One can see that everything here is designed specifically for customers. And everything works, which is the most important thing, at least for me!


Well, I have been an active member on Collarspace.com for several years. I have never seen an online dating site that would care about its customers so much. Support department here is excellent - in case I have a problem, I will get professional support within 30 minutes. People here are also magnificent. Although it is possible to find a profile that has been inactive for a long time, there are many new and fresh members that join our community every single month. The only bad thing about this site is its design - boy, they have stuck in the 2000s. It would be highly useful to update the design and make it more modern to appeal to younger members who are into BDSM. But apart from this, everything is great!

Key Features

There are not as many features on this site as one would want. Of course, the main element of the majority of online dating websites is communication, which is implemented on Collarspace.com dating site through messaging. You can send messages to any member for free, which is an incredibly positive factor. As it has been mentioned in the Collarspace.com review, any member can use advanced search in which it is possible to add numerous filters and factors of your potential date.

Furthermore, apart from direct messaging between members, all users are allowed to join chat rooms and discuss various topics together. However, it is important to mention that certain software should be installed before you can participate in group chats. Below, you can take a look at other features that are provided here on Collar Space website:

  • Get notifications about BDSM events that are held near your location
  • Check out detailed and thorough guides and articles on BDSM community and trends
  • Check out people who add you in their favorite lists
  • Access to live cam shows, adult movie database, and other adult content


It is essential to mention that Collar Space dating site is quite popular, although it is not the most popular online dating site for BDSM enthusiasts. According to the website's statistics, Collarspace.com site has more than 1.5 million active users. The majority of members come from the English-speaking world - the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and other countries. However, you will be able to find members from different countries. You can use filters to sort out profiles based on location.

One of the drawbacks on using Collarspace.com website is the balance between genders. This website has more male users than females, which can be a significant factor for some individuals. Nevertheless, although there are more men here, you can be sure to find your perfect partner. It just may take more time than you thought.

Quality of Profiles

Collarspace dating

It is important to add in these Collarspace.com reviews information about profile quality. The website encourages its users to make their accounts detailed and informative, so other members could easily find people who meet their descriptions and preferences. It is worth mentioning that Collarspace.com dating site offers great tools to make a profile descriptive - there are many fields that can be filled out. Moreover, you can include information within 12 categories that cover everything from career to hobbies.

You can upload as many photos to your profile as you want. However, photos are not moderated, which is why you will see plenty of profiles with quite graphic photos. This is one of the drawbacks of this site, but the policy of Collarspace.com site does not forbid people to upload such kind of photos.

Safety Policy

One of the best things about Collarspace.com site is the fact that it is quite safe for people who are looking for anonymity and discretion. First of all, as it has been stated in Collarspace.com reviews, every single account has to be verified. Although it may be inadequate to wait for 2 days to get your profile approved, it secures that no one on the site is a scammer. Furthermore, the website's safety policy is constantly updating, and the website implements new systems to protect your personal data. So you can be sure that your private data will be protected.

Collarspace Pricing

Collarspace site

As it has been stated in the Collarspace.com review, this website is absolutely free! You do not have to pay for anything. The website earns money through advertisement so that you will see plenty of ads. But it is impossible to have a free website with no ads.


If you are looking for a site that can satisfy all your needs, you can start with Collarspace.com dating site. Here, you can enjoy a wide diversity of men and women from all over the world. People with different sexual preferences choose this website for many reasons. For instance, this site is 100% free!

You will find plenty of unique and interesting content here - live cam shows, adult movies, sex shop, and, of course, elegant and efficient chat system. Look for a perfect partner through a handy filtering system, browse all the available profiles, and enjoy your time on Collarspace.com!


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