Korean Dating Sites

Korean women are known worldwide for their exotic beauty. In addition, these beautiful women also have a delicate nature, which makes them very interesting for many Western men. Korean women are petite and good-looking. With such a lady you will always cause jealous looks.

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Korean Dating Sites

Well, let's not lie to each other, if you come to Korea, it's not just for the beauty of Hangeul, is it? Girls, do you dream of meeting that handsome Korean girl you see in dramas? Guys, that hot Korean girl on the soju bottle? I don't guarantee you will find them, but why not try out Korean dating site for American? You should know that in Korea, just like everywhere, Korean dating sites is more and more done, especially among the younger generations despite a certain reluctance for a large number of Koreans who still prefer to have recourse to 'arranged dates' / '' through friends. Whether you are passing through or living in Korea, if you want to meet foreign women, flirt or even find your “Seoul-mate”, use your smartphones!

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Moin, it always means "other countries, other customs", but how exactly do these other customs look like in South Korea?

In the series Things that are simply different in Korea ’, I would like to show you exactly these differences. But of course there are so many small and sometimes large differences that not all of them fit into one blog post. Last time I showed you a few differences in Korean bathrooms. But now we come to the topic about which I get one of the most questions: Korean online dating. I mainly focused on dating in Korea, among Koreans. Because sometimes there are differences when you go out with Koreans as a foreigner. But I'll tell you more about that another time. Now it's all about dating online in Korea in general. Have fun!

Blind dates

While blind dates have a rather negative reputation with us or at least leave a strange aftertaste, they are absolutely normal in Korea. In fact, most couples get to know each other through. But I should also say that it works a little differently than ours. With a you usually get to know each other through mutual friends, acquaintances or colleagues. If they think you fit together, just arrange a date for you. Of course, you get to know people more often who suit you and who have serious intentions. After all, nobody wants to look bad in front of their friend.


Another big difference is that people in Korea send each other a lot more messages than we do in our country. Especially at the beginning of a relationship or when dating. For some, it is also part of playing a little aloof and not reporting too much in order not to appear desperate or something like that.

In Korea, the opposite is the case. If you are interested in someone, you should show that too. Otherwise, the other person assumes you are not interested and stop reporting. So if you're into someone and they text you a lot, don't be afraid to write back quickly. It just means that you like each other.

Best Korean dating sites

This is more about the term Korean dating sites itself.

For us, dating is the time before you are together and just get to know each other to see if you are compatible or not. Therefore, you can date several people at the same time without any problems. Some also use the term to describe dates with their partner. In Korea, dating almost always means being together. You end up in a relationship here very quickly and only then do you really get to know each other. So a slightly different order than ours. To use clichés, we have sex on the third date and in Korea you are a couple after the third date.

Couple style

In Korea, however, it is particularly popular with young couples and is nothing unusual. It doesn't always have to be the entire outfit. In most cases, couples simply have the same gloves, hats, socks, scarves or even tops. The same color scheme or pattern work in the same way. It doesn't always have to be exactly the same.

However, some couples celebrate the partner look quite powerfully. They then wear more or less the same thing from head to toe. Either really identical items of clothing, or the same outfit in style, just slightly adapted. Of course, the fashion industry also got wind of it and some shops therefore offer partner outfits. From unisex clothing, which is primarily marketed to couples, to complete outfits for men and women.

On Pinterest I put together a pin board with a few cute couple looks to show what it can look like.

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Who is paying?

Almost everyone is familiar with the situation. You're on a (first) date and the bill is coming. Who pays or should one rather pay separately? And not infrequently it gets a little strange for a moment.

For Korean couples, however, the answer is usually very straightforward. The man pays the bill for the food and most of the activities, while the women pay for the coffee afterwards. And before there is mockery about how unfair it is towards poor men, it should be said that South Korea is at the top of the gender pay gap worldwide. As long as that is the case, as a feminist, I have no problem with letting men pay for me.

Holidays as far as the eye can see

Valentine's Day is the only real couple's holiday and even that annoys a number of singles and some couples. Too much pressure would be built up and those who are not celebratory would proudly announce that they do not take part in such a trade and do not need a holiday to show their partner that they appreciate him. As an aside, it should be mentioned that, at least for most of them, these are just empty words and they just don't feel like it. Isso. These people would probably have a heartbeat going to Korea.

Every (!) Month, on the 14th to be precise, there is a couple's holiday. Everyone has their own motto. But that's not all. Because Christmas is also a day for couples and other anniversaries like the 100 days are also joining them. You can find out more about the individual days in the blog post "Couple Holidays in Korea". However, not every couple celebrates every day and it is mainly younger people who take part in all this fuss. But it is good to know that there are all these days.

100 days

As a couple, it's quite normal to celebrate your anniversary. For some, that is the date of their first date and for others, the day the relationship became official. Some also celebrate both and of course the wedding anniversary after the wedding.

But that's nothing at all against Korean Couple Holidays ... especially for young couples. In addition to the monthly holidays, they also celebrate their 100 day anniversary and more.

Couple ring

The couple ring is not an engagement ring, but simply a sign that you are in a relationship. It is often given away on the anniversary or, for younger people, on the 100 day.

To put it quite unromantically, you mark your prey without having to enter into a real commitment such as engagement or marriage. Clever.

To leave the cynicism aside, it is of course a sweet thing and a nice gesture, if you like it.

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