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Looking for a short sexual relationship, which is intended exclusively for sexual satisfaction, but not to build a relationship? Make your horny dream come thru and DatingStudio will help you to find the best one night stand site!

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The search for one night stands - trend or exception? If you search for the keyword "one-night-stand" on Google, you will come across countless, completely dubious websites: They are not about the one-night-stand, but about fast money, which you will empty with I want to lure promises and cheap fake ladies out of their pockets. Often done so well that you hardly notice! But fortunately there are still a few exceptions that make us believe in the good, even with the one-night stand dating sites!

One-night stands have been around for ages and this trend will probably never dry up completely. People meet for a rendezvous and then go their own way again. Whether after the disco, a visit to the bar or a hot holiday night. And the internet is now full of one-night-stand offers.

best one night stand websites

The best one night stand sites can of course be found in the large single exchange comparison.

We have examined hundreds of these web meeting places for one-night stands for you and found only a few that we can award the rating "recommendable" to. After registering for free, men are happy to send, for example, authentic-looking lock messages from women who supposedly want to have the one-night stand with you in order to motivate them to pay.

This is what a machine does these days - and it really looks real:

  • 18:30 - Hey, this is Claudi - are you doing something tonight?
  • 19:47 - Why don't you answer? Do you find me too ugly?
  • 20:12 - Hey, now I'm really offended! You are online, I can see that.

And if you want to answer then, you can only do that by paying in advance. They are not stupid, the rip-offs!

one night stand sites

Most of these portals for the OneNightStand were started by some semi-silky webmasters. Because of the "exaggerated-erotic presentation" one-night-stand-willing ladies are deterred and are absolutely "in short supply" there - except for the prostitutes, of course, although they do not offer the one-night stand free of charge.

You can count the few good one-night-stand portals (especially one night stand dating agencies) on one hand. They advertise specifically in women's magazines or even on television in order to maintain a relatively balanced male-female ratio - more than 40% women are not feasible with the best will in the world - but at least!

Are women really looking for the best one night stand sites on the internet?

There are plenty of women want to find one night stand online for an erotic adventure for one night: According to an older single study by INNOFACT from spring 2007, 3.7% of male and 2.6% of female web users can imagine themselves to try out a one-night stand portal - i.e. around 65% men and 35% women! And in the last 5 years this share has probably increased considerably, because casual dating and thus also the one-night stand have become a natural part of our everyday culture.

As one lady put it so beautifully: "I'm actually looking for a life partner, but why shouldn't I sweeten the waiting time with one or the other one-night stand?"

best one night stand sites

Incidentally, you could easily look up the information on the women's quotas for each one-night-stand portal yourself with the "Google AdPlanner"! In the past, you were shown how many visitors there were and how many of these visitors were male or female for each portal in the world. To our greatest regret, Google no longer offers this service.

With the useful one night stand services you can see that around 75% of the users are men, but you have to consider that ALL women can flirt, but NOT ALL men, only those who pay.

Be sure to have a look at our test results, because they will tell you where to find the Internet hotspots for those willing to one night stand!

By the way: You can try out all of the legit one night stand sites we have presented for free! Only when you want to write to women does it cost. Our test winners are of course largely fake-free, but of course that doesn't mean that every email you send will be answered.


Score on best one night stand websites

Of course, nothing comes from nothing, and unfortunately that applies to the men among you on one-night-stand apps in particular. This fact has a very logical developmental cause: women are definitely the 3rd generation laggards when it comes to sexual libertinage in one night stands online dating. In evolutionary terms, the gays came first, then the Hereto men and then the women. Even the pressure in the groin area is not as agonizingly urgent with the fair sex as with the men of creation that creates the ladies serenity and stamina - which in turn can be very beneficial for an enjoyable one-night stand :-)

Therefore: If you want to attract a woman, then it is usually a small sporting challenge that you face with style and, preferably, a good nursery. Here, as in real life, the following applies: Stay in your price range and score with humor and charm!

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