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Thai women are very attractive and they have the specificity of taking good care of their family while being generous. They are usually slim, always smiling, and it seems that Thai girls have a secret recipe for eternal youth. Indeed, they appear younger than others at their age. It attracts men by their grace and their distinctive features.

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Thai Dating Sites Sites

Thailand Dating Sites For Dummies

Dating sites in Thailand have nothing to do with what you can find. As a former Meetic user, among others, I have had the opportunity to see quite a few hopeless cases looking for their second half on the net. The reasoning is a bit like: "well, I can't fit into real life, I'm going to try out online dating". Here it is different.

Many Thai women dating and young women register on dating sites when they would have no problem finding someone just by walking out of their homes. This is another concept, probably due to the fact that Thai singles online are generally more open, sociable and communicative than farangs. They rightly see dating sites as a way to date in Thailand, not as a spare or a last resort to find love.

That’s why I’m bringing you the most well-known Thai online dating sites with decent user counts today. On Thai dating, the recipe is simple: just log in and wait for your soul mate to bite the hook!

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Why register on a dating best Thai dating site?

There are several valid reasons in my opinion, this article is not all about swinging affiliate links! First, it changes the routine of gogo bars or massages and it adds a bit of challenge to the task. In a gogo bar, there isn't much of a challenge, you pick a number and there you go, that's it. What I like about most popular Thai dating sites is the sporting side: very hunting, very fishing. It brings something different from girly bars, in that you can find a game of seduction, a "flirtatious" approach that is completely absent from the world of bars in Bangkok's red light districts.

There is also the financial side to take into account. If you are here on vacation, and you decide to spend a few days on an island for example, you will surely be like many people looking for a companion for your stay. There are two main options available to you:

  • a bar girl, caught in a bar
  • you will have to pay for her bar fine every day, in addition to the money she will ask you to pay for her presence by your side ... the bill can go up quite quickly
  • a girl from a good family, caught on the internet
  • you may need to subscribe to Thai dating sites, which costs on average € 20 per month, which is barely more than the price of a bar fine

In both cases you will have to take care of her, that is to say pay for the hotel, the food, the outings, etc ... But in the case of a girl caught on a dating site, I finds the relationship to be more authentic, as the girl is there voluntarily without expecting any money in return.

There you have it, that’s the end of this special Thailand dating services. I will come back soon to the point of dating ladyboys on the internet in an article devoted entirely to this subject. In the meantime, if you have any comments, suggestions for sites missing from my list, or anecdotes regarding dating sites in Thailand, feel free to comment on this article! Good to go, good fishing on Thai Friendly

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