Real Ukraine Dating Sites: Meet Ukrainian Girls

There are many possibilities to meet attractive Ukrainian women. First, you have dedicated and serious Ukrainian dating sites, and you also have matchmaking services, face-to-face dating, if you prefer.

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Ukrainian Dating Sites

For many Western people, Ukrainians are the perfect women. They are gentle, take great care of their men, and above all are very beautiful. But how to meet them? This is where things get a bit tricky.

Yes, Ukrainian women are gorgeous and yes they would love to get to know you. But unfortunately you are not the only foreigner interested in meeting a beautiful Ukrainian woman today. More and more men are beginning to realize the great differences between Westerners and Ukrainians. Returning to the main topic of this article, there have been a lot of dating sites recently popping up full of crooks who are only looking to get as much money as possible from you.

Don't worry, we're here to guide you through this jungle of websites that currently exist. So without further ado, the best Ukraine dating sites to find your future girlfriend (or even wife if you're lucky).

online dating ukraine

Ukrainian dating sites is still so popular

We don't think there is much need to explain to you what Ukrainian dating sites is. This dating site that took us by storm a few years ago remains in 2019 (and certainly 2020) as popular all over the world and Ukraine is no exception.

But tell me, what are you expecting from Ukrainian dating sites? Let me guess: You use online dating Ukraine sites for your serious relationship. This site is the epitome of how to date today: without having to commit - you literally choose the most attractive girl who answers your messages. If you meet a woman through Ukrainian dating sites, romance is usually not a part of your strategy.

Part of the appeal of the legitimate Ukrainian dating sites are that there are almost no barriers to entry and it only requires the bare minimum of investment required to meet girls: Just download the site, put 3-4 photos of yourself and start swiping right or left, hoping to match as many girls as possible. Does the conversation last for days when using Ukrainian dating sites? No, most people on the site try to get the number or Facebook profile of the girl they're talking to and then set up a date within a period of time. a day or two.

In Ukraine, it does not work exactly that way. If you've read any other blog post, you'll know that Ukrainian women are nothing like their Western counterparts. Most women in this country are looking for a loving and stable relationship just as much as those using different platforms. In other words, Ukrainian dating sites is not a "catch" app. In Ukraine, it's more of a Ukrainian dating site for relationship-conscious singles.

real ukraine dating sites

The real Ukrainian dating sites strategy that works in Ukraine

In summary, since the way you use Ukrainian dating sites in Ukraine is nothing like what you do most of the time in France, your strategy should change as well.

Here is a quick reminder of the main reasons why Ukrainian women are superior to Westerners:

  • They are feminine.
  • Traditional values are very important to them.
  • Mutual respect, caring for each other and old ways are still alive and well in Ukraine.
  • Even when you meet a girl through Ukrainian dating sites, you will have to put in a lot of effort to win her over.

For starters, she won't be as willing to jump straight to Messenger / Viber / WhatsApp / another messaging site of choice, as you might expect. Be prepared for two or three days of talking about the site directly, this is quite common in Ukraine.

ukraine dating service

Don't want to wait that long?

Be proactive, take the lead.

Come up with ideas for going out and have a solid plan in mind. We will never tire of saying this - the girls of Eastern Europe want you to make the decisions and plan everything. Making her choose the first meeting place may sound respectful, but it puts most Ukrainian women in very uncomfortable situations.


Well, because Ukrainian hospitality is real. The girl you meet will want to take you to the best restaurant / cafe / bar possible and she will constantly worry that you are not happy with her choices. Do her a favor and choose the location yourself.

Of course, it is necessary to ask him if the place you have chosen is suitable for him too. Most importantly, don't take her out in isolated areas far from the center. Stick to the downtown areas.

Ukraine Date: The Ultimate Experience to Meet Ukrainian Women

As explained above, Ukrainian dating sites is inevitably the king of online dating today. It's free, the girls are beautiful and there are lots of them too.

But there are also downsides: on Ukrainian dating sites, you can't sort girls based on your preferences (hair color, languages, hobbies), nor can you make sure they're women ( there are a lot of scams on Ukrainian dating sites) and you can also only select one location at a time (even using Ukrainian dating sites Gold).

legitimate ukrainian dating sites

For all these reasons, Ukraine Date is my favorite dating site in Ukraine.

Of course, the main disadvantage of Ukraine Date is its price, it is not a free service like Ukrainian dating sites (you should also remember that Ukrainian dating sites is quite limited in its free version).

Well, since it's hard to pay for things that you can get for free today, I understand why a lot of people don't want to pay for dating.

But you really have to keep in mind that what is free is never really free. In the case of Ukrainian dating sites, the creators of the site hold a lot of personal data about you and you never really know how they're using it. In addition, the functions of the free application are limited (maximum swipes, visibility of your profile, etc.) and the competition is very stiff.

In short, if you don't want to deal with stiff competition, people who want to rip you off by luring you into clubs to steal from you (yes, it does happen) and don't want to be limited in your search criteria. , then yes, I would pay for a dating site like Ukraine Date.

But this, only if:

  • You are not yet in Ukraine. The Ukraine Date site is really good, but Ukrainian dating sites is much more effective at meeting women on the spot quickly
  • You want to meet serious people (no one night stand)
  • You should also know that the Ukraine Date site is famous and that its price is correct. Ukraine Date is currently the market leader and has a very strict privacy and security policy.

Ukraine Date is also very popular among women in Ukraine. There are hundreds of girls online at all times and the platform is one of the most used in the country. But above all, I would say first: register and create a profile (it's free). This is really the best way to get an overview of the service offered.

A little tip: Try to search using different criteria and play with the site options and settings as much as you can. Granted, most Ukrainian girls are beautiful, but you will soon find that you have personal preferences.

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