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1. How to choose the best online dating sites?

First, determine your goal. Whether you want to find a sugar daddy/mama, a lifetime partner, a person of a different race or a gay partner, a clear goal will help you understand which kind of site you need. The Web is deluged with dating sites, but not each of them offers services in the niche of sugar dating, neither each can help you to find a cougar nor a gay lover.

Once you know what you want, start considering alternatives – read reviews and search for user feedback. Make a list of the sites that meet your expectations, and sign up for several ones to try them out. The registration on most of dating sites is free, so it is an excellent opportunity to make sure you don’t buy a pig in a poke.

2. Top dating sites according to Dating Studio

1. Match

It is a versatile site which offers perfect matchmaking among members from over 25 countries, including the majority in the US. It can help to find a compatible person, based on personal features and behavior.

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2. Ashley Madison

In the niche of millionaire dating, Ashley Madison is considered to be top. The site can boast with over 52 million members from all over the globe. The site guarantees absolute privacy for wealthy members who seek romantic affairs.

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3. Interracial Dating

If you are into having a partner of a different race, this website is an excellent option. Here one can find members of Asian, Black, Latino, White or Caucasian ancestry and start interacting with them using high-quality communication tools.

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4. Cougar Life

On Cougar Life one can find both cougars and cubs – in total there are 500 thousands members of different age, who are looking forward to dating someone special. The site offers very convenient instant chat and a mobile app to communicate with a cougar on-the-go.

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5. Gay Friend Finder

The site is ideal for men who are eager to build strong relationships with other men. It provides access to 50 thousand active users who support gay relationships and live predominantly in Asia and Europe.

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3. Can online dating help to find a partner?

The debates concerning whether online dating works or not have been circulating since the first site of this type emerged. There are lots of people who live happily in a relationship (thanks to dating sites) as well as those who haven’t found their match online.

When registering on the dating site, one should understand that there are no guarantees – just like in real life. If you invite someone on a date (to the cinema, for example), does it mean it will work out? The same goes for the online dating.

Nevertheless, if there were no online dating in the era of emerging technologies, one should have been invented.

4. Is it safe to date online?

Some sites are well-secured, and others are not. Neither are all online dating sites’ members genuine in their intentions, and no dating agency would like to be responsible for those.

But what you have to remember is that you should not do anything in online dating that makes you uncomfortable. First of all, real terms of use and policies of dating sites. When registered, do not give out your details to strangers (including your address, phone number, etc.). If you finally decide to go on an offline date with a person, choose a public place for that.

5. How to choose a username?

Here are some DOs and DON’Ts.

DOs: it will sound trivial, but try to be original. Create something that will distinguish you from others. It can be personal if you want. To get ideas, look through usernames of people of your sex and age.

DON’Ts: try not to use numbers, it’s boring, and it can make you look very computer-ish. Also, avoid any sex-words. Do you want other members to think you are a pervert or that your goal on the website is not a friendship or a romantic relationship but sex? Then just don’t do it.

6. Is my sensitive data secured?

Normally, it’s only the administrators of the site who can see your personal data and they do not disclose it to third parties. Online dating sites take the confidentiality issues seriously.

To feel safe, make sure you read policies and the terms of privacy of each site you intend to use.

7. Is it worth to buy a membership?

Sure thing. Without it, you will be extremely limited in your actions – in a better case you will be able to look through other members’ profiles and email them, in the worst case you will only be able to browse through accounts without any communication involved.

Some sites offer trial periods or give free credits to newcomers. That is a nice chance to get familiar with the site, but you want to get much without the full membership.

8. Will I attract more people if upload a video greeting?

Definitely. A video provides more information about you to other members than a photo and text description. On the video, one can assess your gesture, facial expressions, voice quality and even personality. Thus, more people, who are really into you, will contact you.

But keep in mind that not every online dating website provides such an option. Also, note that not all members have access to high-speed Internet and possess webcams. Therefore, do not put your expectations high concerning others.

9. How to start a conversation with another member?

You may start with a simple “hi!” or a wink and wait for the person to answer you back. Then you may go on to asking any questions related to another member’s personality about which you read in his/her profile.

If you are reluctant to wait, go straight! But make your text messages intriguing, and remember no cold or standard texting! Adjust your messages to each member you try to interact with.

10. How to write an appealing first message?

If you do not know what to start with, here are some suggestions for you:

  • Hello! Who are you looking for on this site?
  • Hey, you are so charming! I have never seen girls like you!
  • Hello, you seem to be a very interesting person. Can we talk?
  • Hi, you have really cool pictures!
  • Hi. I've looked through your profile and got very interested in you. Can we know each other better?
  • (username) you have written some interesting things on your profile, so I want to know more about you! Can you tell me?)
  • Hi! Any luck with the soulmate search?
  • Hello! Who is your perfect man/woman? Do you think I could meet your expectations?
  • Hi! What is your perfect match like?
  • Hey, you seem to be a very interesting lady!
  • Hello! What is your idea of a perfect man?
  • I wish I could ask you on a date!
  • Hi, how is it going?)
  • Hello. I find you very attractive!
  • Hi. I've read your profile, and your hobbies are really cool! Can you tell more?
  • I didn't expect I could meet someone like you on this site! You are gorgeous.
  • I have been dreaming of dating a girl like you!
  • Hi, I found you by chance and couldn't go on searching! Can we talk?
  • Hey! What brought you to this site? :)
  • Wow! I think I only registered here to find you) Can we make a closer acquaintance?

11. What should I do if no member responds to my profile?

Upgrade your profile. There’s a high possibility the information you put there is poor. Tell more exciting things about yourself (hobbies, expectations of life) and describe your dream-partner in detail. Also, upload a better photo of you.

By the way, some sites show the date on which your profile was modified for the last time, so if the gap between the update and present is huge, other members may think your account is inactive.

12. How to know if someone is not sincere in his/her intentions?

As the old saying reads: all that glitters are not gold. If a person tells you something which sounds too good to be true, keep a distance. There’s no versatile lie detector, but do not talk to someone if your intuition warns you.

Fraudsters will ask you on a date without preliminary communication or ask you for money at any stage of the relationship. Don’t disclose your personal and payment data in conversations, and you’ll be fine.

13. How to start up a conversation with a member using instant messaging?

There’s nothing different from when you send a person an email. Make sure your first line is appealing. And read the profile before texting his/her not to ask questions that the person has already answered in the questionnaire.

14. How to reject users without hurting their feelings?

Be honest. Merely say: “Sorry, I am not looking for a person of your type. I guess you’re a nice guy/girl and will be able to find someone worth you :) ”

15. How much time does it take to know a person before a date?

It depends on you and the person you are talking to. Some people are extrovert and will tell you everything about them on the spot, whereas it may take months for another person to open up. But never go out on a real-time date with an individual you are not sure about.

16. Should I only be a member of one dating site at a time?

You may never know where you will meet your true partner, so registering on several sites can increase your chances.

17. How much does online dating cost?

Each site has its pricing, so learn them and weigh all pros and cons before paying for services. But it will apparently be cheaper than going to restaurants or cinemas offline at the early stage.

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