How to protect your privacy when dating online

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How to protect your privacy when dating online

We spend a lot of time on the Internet. Now it is quite convenient to quickly know people through online dating sites.

However, traditional offline methods of fraud move from real life into the virtual world in an updated form. There is no need to panic and completely abandon the search for relations in the network. It is the most efficient way of dating as there are people who know exactly what they are searching for and who have a common desire to start a conversation. As in real life, if you observe several safety rules, you will avoid troubles.

Many people are looking for a soulmate on dating sites.

If you are looking for a soulmate online here are several tips to protect your privacy.

How to protect your personal data when dating online

Trust only serious sites

It is better to select the services with long-term existence. Do not trust the new sites promising a bright future. Note that by joining the online dating site you agree to give out some personal data to third parties. Trustworthy sites do not give out information to strangers and do not show it in the Internet search. Take the time to review the site before registration.

Hide personal data

If you have already shared some of your data it is the significant step to review what kind of personal information you have shared on a website. You can consider the following information to be sensitive: phone number, address, email. It would be useful to create a new email address that is only for chatting and meeting members of the site, and will not display your real name. After doing these steps, start talking.

Avoid weak passwords

You need to enter a password registering anywhere on the Internet. Do not use the same passwords for several websites. You should not just put there an anticipated date such as birthday, age or name. It is better to come up with some sentence and enter the capital letter of each word in the password line. Well, if you are not ready to create a password, use a special program to manage it. It is not hard to remember a secure password.

Make profile revision

Before you start a conversation with a candidate, review his or her profile carefully. Pay attention to the contradictory or strange information. If you suspect anyone of being a spammer, inform the moderator. Thus you will not only protect your account but also other users of this site.

Use the private chat

There is no need to use e-mail letters in the early days. Use the individual conversation at the beginning of communication. You can always delete the user and protect yourself from dangerous members.

Do not open suspicious links

There is no need to open all links received from the new interlocutor because they can contain viruses.

Protect personal info

Do not send photos of your documents, tickets, and payment checks. Also, do not say when you are going on vacation or leaving the house. Cyberhawks are very interested in such data to steal money. An ordinary burglar waits when a person goes anywhere for a long time.

Do not send money to strangers

Do not believe sob stories and requests for material aid. It is unlikely that members of online dating sites would look for such help.

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