Women Named Top-4 Mistakes That Men Make on Dating Sites

Latest update: Oct 13, 2020 by Suzanne Dates
Top-4 Mistakes That Men Make on Dating Sites

Online dating is believed to be a perfect way for escaping face-to-face meetings with women, at which men very often fail.

Online communication is seemingly supposed to help men avoid awkward moments like:

  • wearing odd clothes on dates,
  • choosing a wrong restaurant,
  • talking nonsense,
  • messing everything up,
  • and blushing out of embarrassment.

It seems to be so simple: just text the woman that you like! There is no pair of beautiful woman’s eyes on dating sites that would examine every subtle move of your clumsy body.

But! It’s not all so easy. Despite outwardly perfect conditions for getting to know a woman, men still make lots of goofy mistakes online.

And if not women, who else will point out at men’s faults on dating sites? Here are the worst mistakes that men commit when dating online, noted by women on Reddit.

Mistake #1. Hurrying things up and giving sexual hints

Several ladies on Reddit emphasized that men, who try to rush the chain of events, are those who spoil a start of the communication.

Some of them criticized men who do not want to go through all the stages of a newly built relationship and hurry to get to the sexual point. Among such men are those who ask women to send them nude photos.

Also, “losers” are considered to be those who text women offering them sex or telling women how much they want them without getting to know ladies’ personalities better at first.

Another thing that women hate in men is that they conceal real intentions. Men often invite women to their places or hotels in warm blood. But women want to feel safe, and a reckless man’s suggestion, even if it is naïve, can spoil the whole thing.

Mistake #2. Giving up too fast

Also, men tend to think that women do not reply to them quickly because they are not interested in them. That’s a bad idea to do so. Women cherish purposefulness in men, and it is a quality that can be ignored neither online nor offline.

Mistake #3. Poor quality photos

Low-quality profile photos are just a “no-go” zone for women. It is essential for ladies to see the face of a guy, the way it looks in real life: with no filters, photoshopped tattoos and so on.

Moreover, women do not like shirtless mirror selfies put as profile pics, especially, if men are not in good shape. The problem with such photos is that men can show their bathrooms the way they are: with soap splattered all over the mirror or socks lying around.

Mistake #4. Not being attentive to details

Finally, men who do not bother themselves to read information on women’s profiles, tend to fail. Women freak out when males ask them same questions over again after they have already answered them in a questionnaire online.

It is also a 100% mistake not to ask a question back after answering one when chatting. Additionally, women skip guys who do not use grammar and spelling correctly.

Hopefully, admitting these mistakes will help men to find their “second-halves” faster.

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