Relationship Building Questions for Your Couple

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35 Questions That Will Let You Know Whether to Date a Woman or Not

Hectic lifestyle and obsession over chores and trinkets can often kill the intimacy in a long-lasting relationship. At the same time, young couples’ members who have not had much experience of building strong ties with their partners.

As you can see, anybody may have a problem of making genuine relationships, but there is an excellent solution to it. To avoid getting into a dishonest relationship, ask your potential partner this set of questions and you will wonder when you learn more about the person you think you might fall in love with.

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1. Who was your first crush?

2. Has anybody ever broken your heart?

3. What are your beliefs regarding monogamy and polygamy?

4. Has anybody ever cheated on you? Have you done the same to somebody?

5. Are your friends dating some of your exes?

6. If you could choose anyone from living or dead to invite for a dinner at your house who would that be?

7. What is the best memory of your adolescence?

8. What you would not like your partner to do to you?

9. What would you characterize yourself as: a person who works to live or as a person who lives to work?

10. Can you tell me about your first kiss/sex?

Relationship Building Questions

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11. How would you feel and what would you do if one of us was offered a job which required a lot of travelling?

12. What would you do if you found out your partner who you trusted, cheated on you?

13. Is it easy for you to keep secrets?

14. What would be your dream vacation?

15. What are you passionate about in your life?

16. What would you change in your past?

17. Would you wish you hadn’t dated some of your exes? Why?

18. What are three things you can’t imagine your partner without?

19. If you had a choice to save only one person (either your mother or your date) from drowning, who would you rescue?

20. What would you like to improve in a relationship with your parents?

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21. What are you thankful for to your mom and dad?

22. What are your strong sides?

23. What would you like to change about your appearance, habits and characters?

24. Would you like to have children? If yes, why and when?

25. Who do you think should be responsible for housework and cooking in a family: a man or a woman?

26. Is it OK to think about men as breadwinners in the family?

27. What would you do to heat up a relationship after you dated a person/stayed married for long?

28. Where would you like your partner not to work?

29. What was your favorite song/film as a child?

30. Why can’t you do right now what you would like to do?

31. Why do you think people need to date/get married?

32. What would you advise a person who suffers from abuse in a relationship do?

33. What would you do if your partner lost hope in his/her talent or abilities?

34. What would you do if your partner offered you to experiment in sex?

35. What would you like your life to be when you retire and what are you doing right now to get it?

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