How to Spot the Married Man Online

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Top Signs That Your Online Partner Is Married

Online-dating is a great way to find a person of your dreams. You answer some questions and get an accurate matching result with offers of potential partners. It is, perhaps, the easiest way to be on the right track when trying to organize your private life.

However, not everyone can be trusted in Web. And sometimes you can come across registered users, who are actually married and just try to fool you, hiding their will for easy and casual relationships rather than something serious. So how to spot married men online?

Signs the man is married

Married men can use all kinds of lies to convince you that they are single and looking for a serious relationship. They will approach you gently, but however, you will still notice that he is hiding something. So if you are suspecting your match to be a liar, check if he does anything of the following.

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Hidden profile picture

The man knocks to your account, saying that he just saw your picture and that he was just leaving the website, but you are so beautiful that he couldn’t resist writing you. It is very sweet, but where is his profile picture? That is the first sign that should make you worried. If a man doesn’t attach his avatar, usually it means that he is hiding.

Closed account

On dating platforms members try to be as open as possible and provide a lot of information about themselves because they want to meet a partner and the chances are higher to do that when you tell a lot about yourself. However, married men will hide their bio and close accounts so that no one can find them.

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No phones

Married men will refuse to give you their phone number because of different reasons or will unexpectedly hang up on you. Perhaps, he will forbid you to phone him, saying that he is busy at work and convincing you that he will call you himself when he is free.

Moreover, do you get to his voicemail every time you call? Or does he call you at a particular time a day and then doesn’t answer the other times? Well, here is the point when you have to rethink some of his deeds.

How to Spot the Married Man Online

Personal information

Think carefully about things he is telling you. Does he share some routine stuff? Does he reveal some previous relationship details? What does he do and how does his average day look like? If the guy is ignoring questions about himself and focuses only on you, you can suspect he is married. Otherwise, why would he hide the information?

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Irregular chatting and meets

If he doesn’t offer you to meet regularly or can disappear for some time from chat and then return without no specific explanation, it also raises suspicion. Try to offer him to see each other when it’s comfortable for you and ask him why he wasn’t not replying. From his explanations, you will see if he is lying or not.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to eliminate all cheaters from the dating platforms, so you have to be careful when using them and pay attention to such details when meeting a person online. Remember, that men will come up with hundreds of excuses and explanations, but you have to remain objective and not deceive yourself.

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