Are You Addicted to Dating Apps?

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Are You Addicted to Dating Apps?

Today half of our life is online. Perhaps, even more! We have entirely moved a lot of our actions (and interactions) online. We work on the Internet, spend our spare time there, pay for stuff, order food, find presents, communicate and so on. So why not try to find your love there? Social networks and dating apps were created to ease the life of ours and make it possible to connect to anyone in this world. Putting the loving hearts together, no matter where they are is probably the best thing the Internet could have done. But how to see if you are using dating sites too much? How not to cross the line and turn into an app-junkie? See three simple life hacks!

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1. Don't Spoil the Morning

Do you know that feeling when you're lying in your bed on a Saturday morning and making your eyes fully open you take your phone and go through every single app on that? Forget it, because this is how the addiction starts. Any psychologist would tell you that it is harmful to your health. Besides, it also influences your inner state and develops the dependance. It only seems to you that you can't do without checking what's going on in someone else's lives. You better treat yourself to a warm shower and a cup of your favorite coffee. Observe the morning movement outside your window or simply enjoy the view of waking city. It is a kind of self-developing thing as well, helping you to calm down, order all of your feelings from the very beginning of the day and spread positive vibes!

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2. Be the First

An initiative is appreciated — it is always nice to feel that someone is really eager to know you. So, don't be shy to make the first step, no matter if that is on- or offline. Our dependence on apps is usually based on checking, searching and reading; we rarely write or post those ways. So, start the chat or simply come up and say «hi». What is the worst thing that can happen to you in this case? You'll be rejected. Is it vital? No, the world won't end. So, make a move and have to fear: it is giving way for further meetings!

Are You Addicted to Dating Apps

3. Out of the Comfort Zone

«Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me»

Carol Burnett

If you want something brand new and magical in your life, moving forward to it is a must! Don't stick to your gadget, look around an rush to the places you have never been. Take a new look at yourself and the life you're living. What do you like least? Get rid of it. What needs to be changed? Improve it. What do you want to possess? Find the way to get it!

Walk the street you've never walked, talk to a random person, visit another cafe. Differentiating from someone you have been before is always attractive for the good things coming into your life.

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4. Go Live

Get your face out of the phone and have a life. Yep, simple as that. The world full of adventure is there for you, accept it. A perfect mate is frequently found by chance. Get ready to give it a go, try new, don't be scared to ask for more. Your Prince(ss) might be waiting for you just round the corner!

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